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Sunday, 12 January 2014

56. New Year's Resolutions

It has been 12 days since those final seconds ticked over to herald in the new year.  How am I coming along with my new year’s resolutions?  Well, here’s the thing.  Previous transgressions have long taught me I am a bit of a commitment-phobic and lack the willpower to see through any sort of major resolution requiring prolonged obligations (hence my nickname as the runaway bride but THAT is another story!).  Simply put, I don’t make resolutions.  Instead I simply make decisions then just follow it up with action, albeit giving myself wriggle room to tweak, modify and occasionally discarding as I see fit.  But resolutions, no way, not me.  Okay, I confess.  The last time I made any sort of New Year’s resolution I must have been in my 20s.  Seeing I just turned 45, maybe I owe it to myself to revisit this whole ‘new year’s resolution’ thingy. Hmm… Where DO I start?

So.  I am only too aware of how traffic conditions and other drivers drive me so crazy I feel myself transforming into a highly emotive (that’s code for swearing) driver.  Mind you, its not that my ‘repertoire’ turns the air blue --it normally starts with “bloody idiot”, followed by “where in the hell did you get your license from”.  I should also qualify I don’t hurl these insults out of the car but rather mutter them under my breath, but I guess that doesn’t make a difference.  I did however, for a spell, try to replace “bloody idiot” with “flaming galah” but it just didn’t flow off the tongue as fluidly.  A quick explanation for the non-Aussies reading this:  a galah is a common Australian cockatoo with a reputation of being stupid.  You get the picture.  Not so pretty.  Next?

Writing a40somethinglife.  What started out so promising with an average 8-10 pieces each month has dwindled to a pitying ONE every (gulp!) 6 months (or so)!  I know!  Bad!  What happened?  My writing career took off and as more people read it, I started psychoanalyzing everything I wrote about and agonizing that the topic matter might be too mundane!  That, and I started getting offers for work which led to the launch of “Write Content”.  I love my work but I really need to devote more time to this ‘baby’ before it evolves into a 50somethinglife! Okay, so that’s two resolutions so far!  Looks like I’m on a roll! 

While I’m at it, I might as well add to the following of my ever growing list: exercise more (yes), moisturize more (patchy.. no pun intended!), drink less (no), stress less (getting there), be more organized (patchy), learn how to sew (finally started), eat cleaner (feels ‘mahfun’ ie troublesome) – and I could go on.  After all, there is ALWAYS room to improve, no?  Frankly, instead of feeling motivated, putting together this list just makes me feel exhausted and intimidated before I can even get started – which leads me right back to where I started in the first place – I JUST don’t 'do' New Year’s resolutions.

What I will do however, is continue to TRY to set a good example for my girls by being true to myself, always trying to be the ‘better person’, not putting up with BS AND continue to work on being a more zen driver.  Oh, and I will DEFINITELY finish my book this year AND up the ante in all my writing projects.  Watch this space!

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