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Thursday, 27 September 2012

42. In the big scheme of things..

Okay.  You know how sometimes, you go through periods where for a few days in a row, everyday just feels like “one of those days”?  Well, I did.  Just.  Have spent the last 24 hours in verbal warfare with my bank (should I name and shame?) because their ineffectual management of my accounts have resulted in a few other things not going as smoothly as it should – in spite of all my behind-the-scenes control-freak-management.  Should I start from the beginning?

The growing urgency of my over-flowing to-do list has kept me up for the past two weeks and for the better part, I’ve managed to keep on top of it by dealing with one task at a time – otherwise I just get overwhelmed.  So, right now, top of my list are:

1. Final arrangements for Matt’s 40th birthday boys fishing trip this Saturday
-   organize beer, Redbull, Berocca; organize food for barbecue at our’s after the trip for ‘the boys’ and their families; organize and pay charter boat people for fishing equipment; organize stuff I will need to make everyone breakfast rolls as per Matt’s request

2. Re-submit Tia and Paige’s applications for next school year for UWCSEA
-   sort and scan past school reports, passports, ID cards, passport size pictures, and awards.  Keep under 1MB; fill out forms online; organize payment

And I could go on and REALLY bore you with the rest of my list which include the need to get all four tyres changed, fine-tuning our upcoming adventure to China, another Barbie next weekend, Paige’s birthday party, research into a new business idea.. Sorry, I DID say I would stop.  The problem with my list is this: it only takes but one ‘step’ in the ‘grand plan’ to go awry before I feel like the ‘wheels are falling off the cart’.  And then I freak out.  Have a meltdown.  Then stop sleeping.  And EVERYTHING becomes a big deal! And I wonder how my very capable friends with full-scale demanding careers manage to juggle family and work. And then I remembered something.

Two days ago, I had a lucky escape while on my weekly Mount Faber ride.  I was on my fifth round of my seventh rotation.  Going downhill, but not super fast as I was stuck behind a bus crammed with tourists.  Anyhow, I would like to think I walk, run and ride like a driver in that I am always looking ahead and around me – just in case.  So I had my wits about me as I spotted a lone woman waiting to cross the road after the bus at the end of this particular hill, especially because I always turn right to continue my rotation, in opposition to the bus’ route and am always mindful of this corner for unexpected traffic.

I am unsure if she saw me or, if she saw me but assumed I would follow the bus and also turn left.  Either way, I gently eased on my brakes and signalled – just as she walked straight into my path!  I swerved.  Missed her.  But at the angle I turned, my pedal hit the road.  My bike stopped short.  I kept going – until I landed in the middle of the luckily-deserted-road.  I should have been very hurt.  There should have been blood, a graze or two and sprains.  But I got really lucky and escaped with only a couple of attractive looking bruises..  Even my bike survived another two rotations after the fact!

Remembering the incident made me stop my internal-rant about the stupid bank and incompetent staff.  Compelled me to take a deep breath.  Forced me think beyond the immediate.  And this is what I 'saw':  the fishing trip and subsequent barbecue will fall into place.  It always does.  And if it doesn’t all go like clockwork, it will still work out – somehow.  Furthermore, a 24 or 36 hour lapse in submitting the girls’ school applications is neither here nor there.  They will get a spot when it’s the perfect time for them to get a place in the school.  As for the bank, maybe its time I seriously consider a substitute.

Meanwhile, maybe its time to re-read the book that Matt bought me oh-so-many moons ago: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.. and its all small stuff”.


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